Donald Teel is the Founder and Editor of iVoteAmerica®. He has been an Arizona resident since 1960. He is a commercial real estate broker, private pilot, photographer and an avid reader of America's history.

While it is not the only trait, strength is something I look for in a candidate for political office. It’s inevitably an indicator of stability and predictability in leaders. After all, we have experienced the results of fickle politicians who say one thing and do another, who talk tough and straight to get elected and re-elected, only to disappoint us on the big issues.

But strength is measured in different ways. It can be an indicator of self-confidence, and at the same time, humility. Strength can indicate moral steadfastness and the presence of consistent fortitude. In some ways, our political process distorts strength, mocks it as dangerous to democracy.

We discovered Christine Villaverde in North Carolina. She’s a wife and the mother of three boys, including twin boys, a former Avondale, Arizona police officer, and now, as a result of seeing weakness in our leaders and the decline of America, she is a candidate for the US House of Representatives for North Carolina, District 6.

My time with Christine was delightful, she’s a good listener, a quality individual who has a strong sense of what is right and wrong, at the human level and within the political culture. Her grasp of the greatness of America impressed me. More than this, she understands the qualities that have made America an exceptional nation, the world’s greatest democracy, and the longed-for destination for those seeking freedom from oppression.

Yet, she is not fooled by our new plunge into socialism, or more accurately our government’s exploration into Marxism. As a former law enforcement officer, she has a grasp of human nature, social ills, and the importance of law and order. Her moral fabric is tightly stitched, and this is what gives her strength. All of this means she will be a great Representative of the people in NC District 6.

For these and other reasons, I’m pleased and proud to announce that iVoteAmerica in cooperation with iVoteNorthCarolina is officially endorsing Christine Villaverde for Congress. As you digest my interview with Christine, I hope you too will discover the importance of measured strength, resolve, and commitment to principles that have created America’s greatest leaders.

Below is the iVoteNorthCarolina interview with Christine Villaverde. Please enjoy her as much as I did, and then, of course, vote to elect her.

Q: Let’s start off with this question, Christine: What’s happening in America today?

CHRISTINE:  We have strayed from our founding. America was created on the basis of Judeo-Christian principles. The Founders wanted a foundation that would create checks and balances to protect us from the flaws of man and government. They were concerned about the abuse of the people by the government. We have moved away from putting Americans and America first and replaced it with power and money.

Q: What I am hearing you say is that we have changed the relationship between man and government that was originally envisioned by the Founders, specifically the authority vested in citizens has been given to Washington, DC.

CHRISTINE:  This is the shift of authority, yes. The government was never intended to run us, it was the intention of the Founders that we run it.

Q: Tell me and everyone who you are?

CHRISTINE:  I am first and foremost a Christian.  My life is lived with morals and ethics, and my biggest concern is being aligned with my beliefs and my God. He will judge me at the end of the day. This is followed by my commitment to family. I am a wife, a mother of three boys. The most important role in my life is being a mother to my children, nothing matters to me more.

I try to live my life through principles of integrity and I do everything I can to support others in need. I believe deeply in helping people with a hand up, but not a hand out.  People should know, I have spent my life being a servant-leader.  My first husband was in the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, and I supported him by setting aside some of my life goals to the side to support him as a protector of the United States.

Eventually, I became a police officer in Avondale, Arizona. It was a job I believed I was called to do, protect and serve others. I have always felt that was my way of being the tip of the spear in protecting those who cannot protect themselves. This includes law enforcement, the unborn, and the eradication of abortion, people in my community who need help and serving through my church.

This is who I am. I have everything I need except one thing, the America I grew up in. As I said, we have drifted and strayed from America I know and want. God has not given up on America, and neither have I. It’s my intention to do all that I can to get us back on track.

Q:  When is your primary in North Carolina?

CHRISTINE:  As of today, the Primary is in May. There has been discussion about pushing it back to June, but Governor Cooper vetoed that, and it has been kicked back to the courts. With changes to the congressional districts, the race could be shaken up for Republicans and Democrats. However, no matter who my opponent is, in the Republican Primary or the General Election, I am in it to win it. While some people have indicated they are in the race as a stepping stone for a political trajectory, I am in the race to do what is right for America. It’s a calling.

Q: Did you like Ronald Reagan?

CHRISTINE:  I loved Ronald Reagan! I received my bachelor’s degree in public policy from Liberty University and studied at home while caring for my twin boys. My thesis was about Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. When I think of statesmanship, I think of Ronald Reagan.

Q: Tell me what it means to you to answer to the citizens who elect you?

CHRISTINE:  What matters most to me is the idea that citizens are capable of solving their own problems with limited government involvement. The left is pushing a collectivism message. America is about individual responsibility, self-reliance. It’s not about citizens fitting into a definition represented by a checked box. Today, the government message is, you are not allowed to be an individual, you are required to put the collective interests above yourself.

Q: We have a law-breaking government. What is causing this, are we too passive, too self-centered, is government too powerful?

CHRISTINE:  It’s all of the above and more. It’s death from a thousand cuts. The Biden administration is overstepping the law without accountability. The cause is a powerful government redefining social order.  The administration is using force to strip away our constitutional freedoms with mandates, censorship, equity models, race, and gender to control citizens and the freedoms we have under the constitution. They control Hollywood, the media, and the institutions of power and they are using this power to control and change us.

Q: You spent a year in your first job. Tell us about your first job, what you liked and didn’t like.

CHRISTINE:  Do you know what my first job was [laughter!]?

Q: Yes, I do.

CHRISTINE:  My actual first job was at the age of 16, and I was a DJ at a local country music radio station [laughter!].  I loved that job! I did not have a driver’s license yet, so my mother had to take me back and forth to work.  There was an ad in the local newspaper, so I applied. It was in Sanford, North Carolina. We had horses growing up so I had to ride my horse to work at the radio station, and would stop at the mini-market to get a soda and snack on my way to work. I played Reba McEntire and other classic country music. At the end of my shift, NASCAR would come on.  So, I would transition from country music to NASCAR races!

I absolutely loved that job. It helped me develop personal fortitude, responsibility, and some of the things a lot of our youth are missing out on today because they are not taking the starter jobs, that teach them principles important to their lives.

Q: If, for whatever reason, Trump doesn’t run in 2024, who will you support?

CHRISTINE:  If Trump does not decide to run, and he might not, he could serve another role behind the scenes. I like and am very excited about Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida. He is articulate and bright, he loves America and shares the values of many Americans, such as self-reliance, limited government…if Trump doesn’t run, I would support Governor DeSantis.

Q: You say you are a conservative. What makes a person a conservative?

CHRISTINE:  It has everything to do with self-reliance not government dependency. Strong personal, family, and community values.  Conservative is not a tagline, it’s about what we believe and how we live our lives.  It has to do with what we do with what opportunities God gives us. Being a conservative means keeping the government in check.

It means other things like judicial restraint, strict interpretation of law based upon the Constitution and its literal and original intent, not the liberalized approach to second-guessing what the Founders meant. Being a conservative means I trust a free market economy over a federal or state-controlled economy, one based on competition. Those are all values of a conservative.

Q: Excluding your horse [lots of laughter!!] what was the first car you owned?

CHRISTINE:  I had a Nissan 300ZX. It was Champaign pearl with a T-top. Let me tell you, we lived close to Myrtle Beach and we would drive up and down the road near the beach with people trying to jump into the car.

Q: Do you have a favorite color?

CHRISTINE:  My favorite color is black…first of all, it is bold and I like that. And, it goes with everything!!

Q: How is your campaign doing?

CHRISTINE:  Great!  Like you, I’m not a politician and I did not know the game, the minutia, the system. I like to knock on doors and talk to people. I did not realize the difficulty of gaining support without having the money.

Q: How does your husband feel about the campaign?

CHRISTINE:  My husband is awesome about it. He is so supportive and has been supportive of everything I have ever done, or wanted to do.  He sees the nation’s problems, where we are, and where we are going. He is not the type of person who would do what I am doing, it’s just not him. He is one-hundred percent behind me.

Q: Education is now a front-burner issue. We have seen how the monopoly works, CRT, the teacher unions, the Department of Education, the school boards, the gender tampering, and the rest of it.  We have seen the globalism and social construct curricula in public education. And now, the disrespect for parental involvement in education. What are the education alternatives parents should consider?

CHRISTINE:  As you mentioned, education is a huge issue. I have three boys. My twins will start kindergarten next year. As a North Carolina taxpayer and mother, I have objections to how our tax dollars are being used to fund activism in public schools. It isn’t just limited to a few teachers, it’s the principals, superintendents, and school boards…it’s systemic.

They are indoctrinating students in an anti-American worldview. I don’t want our schools used to tell my boys they can be girls. Parents don’t want the schools pushing our values to the side, replacing them with new values we do not approve of.  Parents are the ultimate arbiter of where their children should go to school and what they should be taught and exposed to.

I’m in favor of teaching history, all about slavery, and how African-Americans and other minorities have been oppressed. But I am not supportive of teaching my children that the color of their skin means they are automatically racist. No one is born racist. Racism is taught, and our schools are teaching children to look at one another based upon an outward appearance and attributes

We should fund children, not schools. Parents should be allowed to use the money allocated for a child’s education and use it in a school that fits their values, not the government’s values. I support fully funded school choice for every child in America.

Q: While they now lie about it, Democrats wanted to defund and dismantle the police forces around the country, and replace them with a new social construct. You are a former police officer, speak to defund the police.

CHRISTINE:  The entire defund, dismantle and re-imagine movement is code for centralized law enforcement in DC. They can’t completely control communities without control of local police. Police officers that have been wounded and killed are not just white males out to get minorities in the community. So these tough-on cops and soft-on-crime liberal policies are resulting in communities being more dangerous, but especially minority communities who the Democrats and radical liberals say they want to protect. Defunding police is harming these communities the most.

We do not need to defund, we need to refund our police with more support and training. The heroes who put their lives on the line to protect and serve should be supported at a new level, not defunded. Protection of citizens is the primary role of government, and defunding the police is a failed model in opposition to that fundamental role. People in their homes do not feel safe anymore and that is not what we want.

Q: What is your favorite food?

CHRISTINE:  I love fillet mignon, cooked over charcoal, with a little butter when it comes off the grill!

Q: What is the top strength you will use to be effective for the people in NC District 6?

CHRISTINE:  I’m an excellent listener. Throughout much of my life, especially in law enforcement, you have to listen…truly listen. Listening is not limited to the ears, but the complete understanding of what voters are saying, what they want.

Q: Is liberty government’s gift to the people?

CHRISTINE:  No. Liberty is a gift from God. We have innate values and a sense of freedom from God. We are endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights.

Q: Did you have a best friend in school, and why was that person your BFF?

CHRISTINE:  I did, Connie. She was my opposite, the yin to my yang.  We were opposites. She was my lunchroom friend, giving and caring. When I was lonely and felt isolated she was there. She opened her heart to me and we became best friends.

I was in team sports and I made a lot of friends through that avenue. I can’t emphasize enough the power of sports in a child’s life. You meet friends, learn to play a role on the team, a group game plan, that depends on everyone executing the plan.

May I also say, it’s sad to see biological males competing against biological females. Women have fought for these opportunities for so long only to have their hopes dashed by transgender theories that erase the accepted differences between men and women.  And it’s another form of female subjugation. Behind it is the destruction of the nuclear family. The ideas behind it include the removal of the role of a father. This remodeling is weakening America.

Q: Tell me about your parents?

CHRISTINE:  My parents are wonderful. I’m so blessed to have my mother and father, the people that made me who I am today.  We went to Bible study classes at the Catholic Church. My mother was a stay-at-home mom of four and my dad was an officer in the Air Force.  We were not wealthy but we had stable home life. My mother was strong and quiet, my dad was the opposite. They were the best role models a person could ask for.

Q: What’s the happiest moment you recall as a child?

CHRISTINE:  We lived at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were changing duty stations to go to New York and my parents bought a motor home [laughter!] and we set off on a month’s trip from Las Vegas to New York in that motor home.  Two parents, four children, a cat, a Parakeet. The cat was in the old green car and the Parakeet was in the RV!

My memory was our stopping at every weird thing or place we could find. Side trips, attractions, tee-pees, hotels, watering holes. The freedom and the liberty to drive across the country was what it meant to me to be an American. Seeing the country, other people and realizing how lucky we are to be Americans. That was the best time of my life.

Q: How do you relax?

CHRISTINE:  I work out. I love to have downtime by myself, where I do some of my best thinking. And then, just being with my boys!  Sometimes as a mom you just need some fun time, downtime, and physically fitting is my way of doing that.

Q: Christine, when abortion is mentioned, what is your position on that issue?

CHRISTINE:  It’s the horrific destruction of human life. It is inconceivable to me that people justify abortion as a woman’s healthcare right. Abortion is treated like appendicitis, that’s wrong. Except in very rare, almost non-existent cases, it’s not a woman’s health decision. It has cheapened the culture and our value of life.  We cannot at the same time be a constitutional society while denying life to the unborn.  Every life is a gift from God. If we do not protect the most innocent, vulnerable, and most helpless how can we claim to be a moral society?

At the moment of conception, we have a person, a separate life. How can we say we value life if we deny life and liberty to the unborn? Just because the baby is in my womb does not diminish personhood and the right to life. As a mother, I would give my life for any one of my children. Abortion is not done to save the life of mothers. It’s a contradiction. Babies are no less a person because they are not outside the womb.

Q: If I lived in NC District 6, why would I vote for Christine Villaverde?

CHRISTINE:  Because I am in the community, of the community, Therefore, I am for the community. The citizens in my district are the lifeblood of America and in many ways a forgotten people. I live among real people, and I want to go to Washington, DC for them, and I only want them to vote for me if they believe that about me. My pledge to the voters is simple, you will come first.

Q: Is there a question I didn’t ask that I should have?

CHRISTINE:  Maybe just he priorities of my constituents, my fellow citizens.  Inflation is the number one issue right now in my district…it’s a paycheck to paycheck struggle for many. We have seniors on Social Security who are choosing between food and prescription medications.  Some are struggling to afford gas to get to a medical appointment.

Secondly, abortion is on a lot of people minds. Like I said, I live in a semi-rural area with conservative values.  We can’t lay claim to being a just society while we allow abortion. A just society respects all life. Many want Roe v Wade ended.


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