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Donald J. Trump is officially on the ballot for the District 9, North Carolina special election. His nose is in the tent and he is about to intersect with the heated Congressional runoff between Dan Bishop (R-NC) and Dan McCready (D-NC).

Make no mistake about it…Trump is on the line and his power to influence election outcomes has never been tested as it will be on September 10, 2019.

The President’s blueprint remains unchanged. He claims he will host a rally in North Carolina in an effort to coalesce support for Dan Bishop. He softens up the campaign beachhead with Twitter salvos, like this one:

Some insiders are making this more than a referendum on Trump’s presidency, they’re viewing it as a precursor to his odds of winning his 2020 reelection. Many are lying in wait to see what pull Donald Trump has with a state with two US Senators, both Democrats.

This special election pits a former Marine, Dan McCready, accused of election tampering, against, not just Dan Bishop, but the Trump machine, his policies, the economy, and any affinity North Carolinians have for him.

Here’s the evidence that Dan McCready should be concerned. Trump carried District 9 by 11 points in 2016. That’s sizable. It’s noteworthy that McCready raised nearly $4 million, nearly 4 times the amount raised by Bishop.

We should be watching the Trump rally, its impact initially, and whether it will have any stickiness beyond the event itself.

If Dan Bishop prevails, it will be an indicator of the effectiveness of Trump’s rallies and to some degree, an advanced indicator of his potential reelection in 2020.

Watch closely…while the lection is pivotal, the entertainment value should be obvious.

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